Tell Us About Your Childbirth Experience During COVID-19


Time to complete

15-20 minutes



Had a baby during the pandemic



Voluntary and anonymous


What Are We Studying?

We want to understand how COVID-19 has impacted the childbirth experience.

Why Is It Important?

This is an unprecedented time for everyone and poses unique challenges to birthing people. We want to understand these challenges and communicate them to childbirth facilities and providers to give them an opportunity to improve their care.

Project History

Our team has previously developed and implemented a validated and standardized Childbirth Experience Survey (CBEX) to capture the preferences, expectations and childbirth outcomes of birthing people. We have adapted this survey to capture information specific to COVID-19.


Principal Investigator:

Kimberly D. Gregory MD, MPH
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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We would like to thank the Childbirth Patient-Reported Outcomes Partnership for their contribution and continued dedication to improving the childbirth experience for all birthing people.